April Returns

Breaking through doors of Winter, leaving his crystal castle,

Waking the sleeping earth with musical chimes of hope,

Lightly, she runs through valleys, calling to trees and rivers;

Brightly, she flower-carpets all of her glad domain.

Singing, the quaking aspens tinkle their bells of silver;

Winging through greening trees, a flash of cerulean blue;

Older, the spring-drugged robins come to their waiting maple;

Bolder, the wrens return to find a wee house for rent.

Falling, the joyful raindrops sing of the laughing prairies;

Calling, a lark-flute spills a fountain of splashing stars.

Twilight, and bullfrog-anthems restfully chant contentment;

Skylight illumined softly, echos a killdeer-dry.

The American Bard

Second, Arabesque Contest