Barren Woman's Cry

O mothers, you whose sons are called to war,

The cruel talons also tear my soul.

Your boys return to wear a battle scar,

Are maimed and wounded; are not spirit-whole.

And you who mourn a grave in foreign earth

Beneath white crosses, gleaming row on row,

On reverent knees give thanks that you gave birth

To sons who bade democracy to grow.

I share with you the yearning for God's grace,

Beseeching Him to reach to warring zones.

Could I have felt a soldier-son's embrace,

My heart would sing above its anguished moans.

You walk in tears the path that Mary trod,

But hear my cry: Would that I might, O God!

The Relief Society Magazine

Sea To Sea In Song--APL Anthol.

Third in Eliza R. Snow Contest

First in MFCP Clinic Poems, Spring 1952