Remembering Sun-Kissed Sage

The vines cling lovingly to gnarled old trees

Still holding hands across the laughing river.

Remembered coyote howls still send a shiver

Up through my spine. The lilac-harp-strings quiver

Strummed by returning robins. Errant bees

Sip nectar from the bluebell cups. The pleas

Of whippoorwill upon the canyon breeze

Retune the heart to love the Master Giver.

(How poignantly these childhood memories glide!)

The honeyed yellow dock conceals the age

Of hills grown old. A killdeer asks no wage

For healing twilight calls. How like a bride

The wild rose lifts her radiant face! I hide

Nostalgic tears, remembering sun-kissed sage.

Chaparral Writers' Year Book