The Hunter

I have loved beauty, and I have pursued her

And found her at night wearing moon-silvered jade.

With tremulous lips and a song I have wooed her,

Joyously, rapturously unafraid.

Her feet have been dancing on moon-rippled water

While lighted star-lanterns hung low in the trees.

Her voice has been calling, "Sing to me daughter,"

When killdeer were spilling their dawn symphonies.

Her song still enthralls me when I am toiling

At tasks that enslave me, but song shall unload

The burden within me till I am foiling

Defeat with her stardust illuming my road.

Oh, I shall love beauty and I shall pursue her

When death's lyric bugle at last calls release.

Renewed, I shall find her and tenderly woo her

Forever in valleys of infinite peace.

The Poesy Book