Disciplined by Loveliness

I have companioned with the lovely things

and walked with beauty

in the many springs

that I have known. Then in my heart

when autumn winds have shrieked

their lullabies,

I have felt April zephyrs

and watched new tendrils rise.

In winter's sculptured silence--

the artistry of snow--

I have heard beneath earth's crystal crust

the green things grow

and speak in syllables of spring

each lovely thing.

So when I hear my last shrill

autumn wind,

I shall recall a little hill

purpling with violets, and disciplined

by loveliness-recurrent, I shall rest--

like a blown leaf content

on earth's sweet breast--

and wait the wonderment,

the miracle of bird-song ... whirring wings ...

For always, always, there will be

the lovely things.