In Lilac Time

I see the wonder still in Granny's eyes

And breathe the scent of lilacs in her room

As she recrossed the plains with desert skies

Parching the sands. Caressing sprays of bloom,

She reminisced: "What joy to know a part

Of springtime in our beautiful Nauvoo--*

A lilac root--was in the handmade cart

Pulled by my John and me to flower-strew

The cabin we would build on prairie sod."

The miracle of bloom taught Gran love's way

To turn grief's path of tears to lead to God;

To whisper secrets in a bride's bouquet;

To walk with beauty. When a killdeer-chime

Was her 'clear summons to God's friendly loam,'

She closed her eyes to rest in lilac time,

Holding a spray of lilacs to take Home.

*(Nauvoo, a city in Illinois.)