Song of Fulfillment

Morning Wonder

"Your call is clear."--It was my teacher's voice--

"In marriage you will never be fulfilled.

Your star is rising" ... Pondering my choice,

The song of motherhood would not be stilled.

Could echoes, not the singing, bring content?

Acclaim? And never know the miracle

Of life beneath my heart; the wonderment

Of the shadowed valley, God there merciful?

A babe's first cry, my triumph! In my ear

Child voices whispered; I saw reaching hands ...

How could I let another bring them here,

My heritage be stone and barren strands?

My soul held morning-wonder as I dreamed

While far away a Temple spire gleamed.

High Noon Ecstasy

So morning passed, and at high noon I knelt

Before the altar with my love and spoke

Forever-vows. The seal of Heaven felt,

The "first command" renewed to us awoke

The lyrics of creation's primal song

Safe-locked within the chalice of my heart.

And in the heart of my young god, chaste-strong,

They rang--my song to his a counterpart.

We knew a prayer-sweet, mounting ecstasy

As birth ... and death ... bequeathed our home a soul.

Dreams were as shadows to reality;

Time spun for us fulfillment's aureole.

Life's fount was deep and clear with crystal bars;

The cup held to my lips, a cup of stars.

Silver Twilight

My sun, still high, was darkened. Spent with tears,

I knew the blighting kiss of early frost.

Along a pathway shadowed by my fears,

My children gently led me till I crossed

The bridge of hope to peace, and lifted up

My eyes to see the sun--And now they bring

Their babes ... I drink from my own star-filled cup

While beauty rims the shadows lingering.

Above the bronzing hills of truth where still

I garner dreams, I see my rising star ...

Forever vows! Beyond the last high hill,

The ultimate fulfillment ... My eyes afar,

I glimpse the grandeur of the choice I made,

And walk the silver twilight unafraid.