The Way Illumined

The chilly wind was howling, whistling through

Nude trees. The clouds of war were ominous

With death. In tears our country's Father knelt

In prayer until, above the voice of War,

He heard an angel-trumpet's mighty blast;

And light as from a thousand suns streamed down.

He heard the song America would sing,

The anthem that would echo from her farms,

Her homes, her shops and temples: Victory

In Union! Then the shadowy angel spoke--

The words to flash upon the screen of time--

"While stars remain and Heaven sends down dew

Shall this republic last!" His pinioned faith

Touched knowledge ... He arose in awe to see,

Beyond the crimson footprints in the snow,

The way illumined by the Torch of God.

(Taken from an account of Washington's vision as

told by Anthony Sherman, who listened as Washington

related it to a confidential officer.)