Time-Hallowed Shrine

When sudden storm dark-veiled the dusk

And winds because a hurricane

That shrieked in wrath, wild, uncontrolled,

Fear, striking like a metronome,

Would mark our heartbeats. When we saw

The little lighted path to home

Fear left, we knew security.

Not coddling arms, but arms love-strong

Embraced; word-coverlets enwrapped

In peace. The will to conquer born,

We climbed to reach the mountains' comb--

The crest of truth, our destiny.

That habitation is a shrine,

Time-hallowed now among the hills,

To which we still return for strength.

We hear its challenge, as we roam,

To grow soul-tall toward the Light.

For there beneath its lowly dome

Was patterned love's democracy.