To Challenge the Years

(To Pioneers of Fort Franklin, Idaho's First Settlement)

Hark to the song the Bear River is singing

Slow-winding through farms with their rich fruited loam,

Through villages, cities, its echoes clear-ringing

Retelling how pioneers founded a home.

Hark to the rhythm of wagon wheels rolling!

Mothers are queens, their gowns calico ...

Startled are prairies: A church bell is tolling ...

Wagon-box homes birth our loved Idaho ...

Primal land conquered: Sowing and reaping--

Hours are numbered by blessings, not woes--

Man bent to purpose: The desert is leaping--

Cooling canals--its triumph the rose!

Listen! In stillness the moon-threaded river

Sings in its saga how pioneer-tears

Bright-pearled the valley ... "God is the Giver!"

The message it lyrics to challenge the years.