Aspen Grove

Remembering, I saw

A grove of aspen by a cooling spring

That sang of pine-robed canyons as it tripped

Across the road. I heard their velvet laughter

Tuning the twilight hours to reverence;

Then whispering lullabies to little stars

That twinkled over moon-veiled mountain heights

Like jewels in the dusky robe of night.

When dawn called radiantly

Wearing a copper veil announcing day,

Majestically they reached to touch the sky,

Yet loved the wild rose maidens at their feet

Content to catch an errant sunbeam's kiss.

Their fluttering leaves like tinkling silvery bells

Bade lilting robins meet for morning prayer.

When lightning streaking through

A darkened sky brought awful fear, they played

A symphony to calm the elements;

As even now they calm my restless soul.

When lying sleepless on my bed in pain,

The quiet laughter of this aspen grove

Retunes my heart and I am spirit-free.