My Love Comes

Hush, for my love is coming!

His steed, the swift, starred wings of night.

Oh, rapture-light of the Pleiades,

Sing out in ecstasy!

Moon-Mother of magic,

Spin your mystical veil

To silver the pines, the sage,

And the sleeping village;

Thread-light the lyrical stream

He will pass on his way to me.

Night winds, blow wild and free,

Yet tenderly gentle,

For my love is gentle

In stalwart strength.

Sing my heart! Sing out with gladness!

For my love comes:

Exultant in song,

Clean in his virile manhood;

He hastens to me, his bride of the morrow.

Hush, for my love comes nearer!

I can hear his victory song.

Prepare a place for his resting:

A bed white with linens, and pure

As his love is pure.

Beautify with lilies

For his love is holy and beautiful.

Sing, O Priestess of Beauty!

Sing of a sacred Temple

Where forever-vows are spoken;

Sing of unending kingdoms;

Sing the song of eternal joy,

While I clothe myself to meet him:

Robed with fragrance and beauty

In virgin-white.

Hush, for my love is coming!

His steed, the swift, clean soul of night.