Shine Softly Stars

Shine softly little lamps of night

That God hung in the sky;

O cooling breezes, gently blow

And hum a lullaby;

For on the road from Bethlehem

The radiant Mary smiles.

Her baby's tiny fingers cling

And joy illumes the miles--

Remembering the strange new star,

Once more the angels sing;

Again the Magi bring her babe

Their costly offering.

While silent Joseph standing near

Bows reverently his head,

Again the lowly shepherds kneel

Beside the manger-bed--

The little donkey's feet are sure.

Led by his master's hand,

Does he not bear a sacred load

Across the desert sand?

The baby sleeps in Mary's arms;

Her eyes, with wonder, shine.

A kingly little son is hers

To love--His sire divine.

Moon-Mother, veil the face of night

With moonbeams, sheer and thin;

Shut out the harsh world from her heart

And keep but joy therein.

O radiant Mary, dream your dreams

While little night lamps glow;

The road that leads to Calvary

Tonight, you need not know.