Sing on O Sea!

Sing on! Sing on, O sea! your lyric swellingTo join the anthem of the spheres above:

"Lilies of peace will bloom, their beauty telling--

The earth a great DEMOCRACY OF LOVE!"

Cradled in arms of war, steel-hard and colder

Than winter's crystal eyes, my babyhood

Knew only sword-thin laughter. Then when older

I saw war leap in flames, and understood

Man's urge to God ... Storm-wild the sea was crying.

Fear-drugged, I heard it call, "I lead to peace!"

Then gently as mother lullabying

It crooned the melody, "Release! Release!"

Across hope-crested waves I came and found her,

The Lady of the Lamp, to welcome me,

Her torch held high illuming all around her

While lapping waters whispered, "Liberty!"

Here in her sanctuary, lilting laughter

Flows from my lips; I walk on living sod,

My paeans rising high to Heaven's rafter--

Freedom is holy, makes men kin to God.

O Lady of the Lamp of Hope, continue

To light the darkened trailways of the world:

Restore the fractured faith, the soul's torn sinew;

Bid God's vast reels of joy to be uncurled.